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Stickers are an effective promotional tool that can be used for both commercial and private reasons. They are an excellent way to promote your brand in your existing and potential customers. Reglao Print is providing you with an opportunity to have vibrant colored, eye catching stickers for your packaging products. Our stickers come in various shape and type categories which include: vinyl stickers, clear vinyl stickers, paper stickers, round stickers, embossed stickers, bumper stickers and window stickers etc. so you can use them upon multiple surface to fulfill multiple objectives. They are especially popular for to be pasted on jars, bottles, wine bottles, décor items, gift tags, car bumpers and books or magazines.

Stickers are mostly used to promote your business identification but often you’d see stickers on cars, laptops, cycles, office items or cell phones, those are used simply to create a personal touch to make something yours. RegaloPrint understand the need or the value of customization and personalization, which is why you can have custom printed stickers without any added costs. We give our customers the power to design or print their stickers however they wish. We only guide their orders so that the results are amazingly similar to what customer had in mind.


Our stickers are printed upon durable materials with custom finishing options. You can have your stickers coated with water resistant materials, which will protect your products against weather damages. The paper stock used for these stickers is high quality matter or UV high gloss adhesive stock that is available in both default and custom sizes. You can have your stickers printed on a roll or have us cut them to size for immediate usage upon delivery. As stickers are often ordered in bulk, we offer our clients wholesale sticker printing service packages for client’s convenience.


RegaloPrint offer your brand the fastest turnaround time, you have yet experienced. You can get your orders delivered in 3-4 business days or as per the pre-specified time frame. Your orders shall be delivered at your door step free of charge. You can reach our friendly CSRs for any queries or problem resolution services. We offer our clients 24-hour live call handling and chat support to encourage open communication with our clients. RegaloPrint aspires for highest printing service standards and nothing but the best ever goes for our customers and their printing needs whether its human talent or technological tools.

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